Partnering for Progress

While the work progressed in Thimmaiyanadoddi, the merit of working with other organizations was proved.

From the beginning of the project, Nivasa looked for organizations that would assist in community development as well as in supporting the project financially. But unfortunately, due to the remoteness and small size of the village, it was difficult to find a group that would be willing to invest their time and effort.

In late 2012 YogaKshema, an NGO whose vision is to ‘Improve the quality of life of people and help them make lifestyle changes’ was willing to join us in our work in the village. They visited the village and assessed the needs of the people. A community worker was appointed by them to work with the people. This proved to be a great necessity to the project. Prema helped the people on many fronts, from women empowerment, child health and education, as well as helping the people live happier as a community. She also helped Nivasa, by helping the people understand the merits of smokeless chulhas and improved construction methods. YogaKshema, along with SVYM also helped with training programmes for the people.

YogaKshema was also instrumental in acquainting Canara Bank with the work at Thimmaiyanadoddi. Soon Canara Bank agreed to help with the project. Each homeowner had to invest in the construction of their new house and Canara Bank set up a model for them to cover the costs on loan.

With the help of Canara Bank, many of the people were able to open their own bank accounts as well as some training for skill development for the villagers who were interested. They also organised self-help group programmes and brought the village together for positive change.

Working with the village was never easy. Many times, there was resistance against the help that was coming to them. Yet, with the combined effort of a team with lots of perseverance, the village was on the path to progress.