A True Leader

This village has a truly mention-worthy family. While the rest of the families are yet to see the merit in education, this couple has ensured high school education for most of their six children (including their daughters).

Their son Kalappa, a young man of about 30 years old now, is most noteworthy. He has sterling leadership qualities and has learnt to converse fluently in English. Their family was educated in the schools run by NGO Gyanajyothi. He worked with this NGO for some time when we entered this village. He was without a job then. Through the help of NGO One Billion Literate Foundation, he got a job and he is doing very well for himself.

He tried his best to rally the rather laid back villagers, and supported us. He had a good rapport with the local politicians, and got the electrical line shifted using his clout with the panchayat. However, it took Kalappa a long time to understand that we had no ulterior political motives and that we were not using the village for our own betterment! Kalappa’s fluency in English was commendable. The sky is the limit for a person with drive, ambition and hard work. kalappa


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