Sharing Values

Dr. Usha Vasthare is the founder of YogaKshema Rehabilitation & Wellness Centre. She conducts support group meetings for various sections of the society ranging from home-makers, professionals to survivors of chronic illnesses and their caregivers. So far she has conducted more than 500 such meetings.  Her workshops are based on the most recent advances in Neuro-scientific research and are geared to the participants in improving their quality of Life.  Dr. Usha Vasthare’s objective is to introduce positive psychology, practical and scientific methods to lead a holistic living. She aims to bring the confluence of science and ancient wisdom in her talks & workshops. Her target audiences come from all stations and walks of life.


She has shared some insights into working alongside Nivasa.

What is the collaboration and complimentary relationship that Nivasa and Yogakshema have?

“For less than two years, Yogakshema has been involved with Nivasa. Our goals and philosophies match and there is a synergy between our values. Both organizations believe in improving quality of lives of people, although we do it different ways. Yogashema believes in improving people’s lives through internal means- physical, emotional and environmental health through education. Nivasa believes in improving the quality of live by improving the infrastructure (external means).

This synergy has brought Nivasa and Yogakshema together to work together in the village of Thimmaiyanadoddi. Yogakshema placed Prema, a community worker, to work in the village to improve people’s lives by improving their health and hygiene through education and also by empowering the community workers there.”

Can you tell us about the values of Nivasa?

“What attracts us to Nivasa, are its values. The first thing that Nivasa believes in is the Purity of Purpose. They also believe that the Cause is Greater than Self. It is such a unique value. Nivasa believes in integrating thought with action and working towards a purpose. Nivasa’s main interest is to keep community as the locus of interest. This is proof that they put ‘cause’ ahead of ‘self’.

Through patience and perseverance, Nivasa works at the grass- roots level.

What attracted me to Nivasa is Akhila’s infectious enthusiasm and her interest and passion in learning through the process of redefining rural landscapes through culture- sensitive, site-driven and cost-effective means. This enthusiasm she uses to reach this goal also brings people together.”


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