The City’s Invisibles

On our many trips to Thimmaiyandoddi village, at an unlikely junction where the city ended and the villages were set to foray (or did the city encroach into the villages?) we noticed a small low lying land, not yet concretized by its owners. This land had many blue tents that housed families sharing a common bathing tent. They were frail and flailing structures, feeble under the mercy of body and breeze.

We began to wonder; who are the people who live in them? What are the problems they face? What happens to them during the rains, and when the nearby sewage overflows? How do they cook? Do the children go to school? Are the women and children safe? How much do they spend on their housing? Ironically situated just a few kilometres away from Electronics City, this invisible settlement got us thinking…

Perception: Humans see what we want to see. Suddenly, we started noticing these same blue tents dotting the city-scape. For how long have they been Bangalore? The blue tent paradox…


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