Blind Sided

Thought Blurbs to awaken our collective compassion….

Red Light 3

The pen/wiper/toy

Sold by the little girl/boy

To me is useless clutter

To them bread, not butter.


Blind Sided

Thought blurbs to awaken our collective compassion…

Red Light 2

Clapping hands

With unique aplomb

Physically strong

Can’t they work, I mull on…


Society’s web

To them a stranglehold

Rejected by parents,

& the world – manifold.


One amongst us,

They too are beings with feelings.

Can I at least try to understand their lot

Before jumping to rip them apart…

Blind sided

A little is still a lot…

My friend, she told me

The blind-sided scrawls

are bhaari; very heavy

my powerlessness drives me up the wall.


Rejoice- there is much one can do….

Give the homeless

a biscuit packet or a bread.

Buy from them a trinket – bargain-less;

Use them or give to an orphanage

Once a week or even two.


When it rains next

Make one complaint less

And think of the sewer

Flowing into their nests.


Out of many plans for malls

Give one trip a skip

Go to their tents and slums

And lend a ear or a hearty grip.


The size of the Ganesha idol

Can be small and kindly

And rest of the money

Can surely go to the needy…


Possibly this Navrathri

Focus on the divine

In the lesser human

Eight days out of nine….


Perhaps this Diwali

One can buy them sarees

And get one dress less…

Give them the sweets instead…


Maybe teach a child

Over a weekend

Gather some friends

To sustain this end to end…


Have a kind word to offer

When the maid takes off with fever

Or spare a thought every morning

Just pray for their well being.


Many more ideas are sure to come

Heads will start to think

And Hands start to work

when Hearts open to feel!


Blind Sided

Thought blurbs to awaken our collective compassion….


Red Light -1

My car & me

Mobbed like a celebrity

By people in necessity

Guavas, trinkets, toys

Sold by men, women, girls and boys

Humans, aren’t they?

Where do they stay?

The light turns from red

& saves me from further fret.

Never mind the humans,

I am the one who matters – to me.


Thought blurbs to awaken our collective compassion….

Road side View

Along the mountain path

On a walk in a small town

I saw a gathered group.

Upon closer look

it was around a fallen deer

Bit or hit-breath in heaves and gasps.


One man sprinkling water

Another calling the vet

One feeding grass

All in all, a unified humane mass.


I couldn’t help but think,

It took me back in time

of reading of a road accident

In Bengaluru city.


A man, torso cut in half,

Arms flailing,

Help! Crying.

Gore and blood galore.

Many hands furiously

Mobiles wielding:

Photoshopping, selfying,

Facebooking, whatsapping.


The ambulance driver later recalled-

Such a case I have never before seen.

The young man, though his body half,

His heart in place, fully humane.

His last words being-

Donate my organs, whatever’s remaining.


What has become of us, I wonder

To make a video of another man’s suffering.

Where are all those hands

That helped the wild deer?


Blind Sided

Thought blurbs to awaken our collective compassion….



Box of solid steel

Along the road I see

Exhausted feet peep

From bunker bed inside.

Bunker beds! Isnt that cool!


Containers used for cattle and goods

Now good for humans too…

Never mind the heat,

No windows-

Way better than flimsy tents or the open roads!

Same city, different worlds.


Where are they from, where do they eat?

How do they bathe, how do they even breathe?

Lets start seeing for the first time

The container

with cattle of humans,

The container of their dreams!