Blind sided Series

Thought Blurbs to awaken our collective compassion…

Jahannum (AKA Hell)

Colourful polythene shacks

Lining the sides of potholed tracks;

Are definitely not a pleasant sight

But for the dwellers, this is their ordained plight!


Profusely sweating when hot

And almost drowning when it rains a lot;

Having a scourge of mosquitoes for company

Alas! Miseries for these folks are too many!


Health and hygiene have taken a backseat

Living amidst garbage and sewers is not a delightful treat;

Reeking of rotten trash and excrement

These people can do nothing but just sit and lament!


Hunger and disease are their family members

These are issues that will continue to burn like embers;

Respite, for them, doesn’t seem to be written in their fate

And that doesn’t give them a feeling that is great!


Generosity and compassion are the need of the hour

And relief for them will be by doing everything within our power;

There’s nothing more divine than a poor man’s smile

And to bring it on their faces let’s go the extra mile!


Blind Sided…

Thought blurbs to awaken our collective compassion

Quirky Humans

Filth, chaos, poverty

Traffic snarls, pot holes, clogged drains

Casteism, racism, harassment

Abound all around

We crib & complain; Status quo remains.

Apathy reigns.


Someone says enough is enough.

And tries his best to set something right.

For every yay sayer, ten naysers!

Tongues wag, judgmental criticisms

Sans reins.

Quirky humans!

Blind Sided…

Thought blurbs to awaken our collective compassion..

Rags and Riches

The beauty of her innocent face

Was masked by the sadness in her eyes;

Draped in a plain saree sans any glittery lace

She was sitting outside a shack that wasn’t looking nice!


Opposite to her humble den, were mighty villas

Housing folks used to living in comfort and grandeur;

While wondering when she would become one of their class

A rich young lady got out of her BMW with the help of her chauffeur!


Looking in awe at her elan and poise

She continued staring at her in wonderment;

Thinking that the palatial mansion must have been the dame’s choice

The teary eyed girl got up to enter her shabby tenement!


As she was engulfed by the darkness inside

She struggled for a few minutes to light the lantern;

While staggering to the kitchen, she loudly cried

Then shook herself to reality and awaited her dad’s return!


In a democratic country like ours

Poverty is the greatest crime;

Maybe If people avoid squandering money in bars

Everyones’ life will be sweet by far!




Blind Sided…

Thought blurbs to awaken our collective compassion…

Nature’s Victims

Nature, indeed hath its fury

Uncorking it on those in penury;

Affecting not those rolling in luxury

And thus scripting their affluence story!


The scorching heat of the blazing sun

For the homeless is surely no fun;

Getting roasted in the sweltering heat

For the poor, is no lucrative treat!


Freezing to the bone in the chilly air

Life for them is not a gala fair;

Without any shelter from the bitter cold

They continue to just shiver and fold!


When it is raining cats and dogs

And the storm water drain gets filled and clogs;

Misery for them becomes too huge

Drowning them in a reeking deluge!


Disease and hunger are their eternal chums

And they just sleep to the music of their tummy hums;

Forever sinking in rags seems to be their fate

And cursing their deeds for their current state!


Looking for some respite are these needy souls

Who never hesitate to hide in rodent infested holes;

Pathetic is their state even to behold

Can’t fathom how they manage to hold…

Blind Sided…

Thought blurbs to awaken our collective compassion..

Home, Need Home!

In the bitter cold of the winter night

Were some homeless souls cursing their plight;

The semi-nude bodies lying on the footpath

Were still wondering they were victims of whose wrath!


The area was reeking of waste and garbage

And the piteous folks were wishing for some miraculous vantage;

Among them were scantily clad pubescent girls sulking in shame

And women whose condition was also the same!


Fear was a permanent resident in their minds

As they were always at the mercy of strays and sick minds;

Pregnant women and little children were lying shrivelled in the cold

It was indeed a pathetic sight to behold!


A roof over the head is every man’s basic right

It is for this that everyday they have to fight;

Waiting are they for some messiah to take them out of this hell

And for a Samaritan to cast off this witch’s spell!


Getting roasted during the day and freezing by night

These are the standing examples of penury at its height;

‘India Shining’ seems to be an unfulfilled dream

‘Give us a home!’ is their forever scream!!