Blind sided

Thought blurbs to awaken our collective compassion

Birthday Bash

The house wore a festive look

In the kitchen busy was the cook;

Looking resplendent in her new long pink gown

Was the birthday princess, who, on her head had a small crown!


On the table was a yummy three-tiered cake

Which had taken her mother all the time to bake;

Adorning the walls were streamers and balloons

Playing on the music system were peppy tunes!


The entire place was thundering with the laughter of kids

Dinner for their parents was arranged at the Ritz;

Tempting was the aroma of delectable snacks

Expenditure for this party must be running in lakhs!


The gifts and return gifts were sinfully expensive

All this extravagance appeared to be criminally offensive;

Amidst all this, an ordinary looking girl was hiding behind her mom

Who was busy flattening the samosa dough on her palm!


The little girl was eyeing the eats with hunger

The sight of the delicious cake made her mouth water;

Longing to taste some, she tugged at her mom’s dress

Who turned around and gave her hand a firm press!


After the cake cutting the room was strewn with confetti

And the maid’s little doll rushed to clean as it was dirty;

Suddenly the birthday girl handed her a plate filled with cake and delicacies

The cute darling thanked her and was happy about the fulfilment of her fantasies!


Blind sided…

Thought blurbs to awaken our collective compassion

Shoppers’ Stop

Pulling at my heartstrings

Was the sight of the half-naked human figures;

A few of them were selling trinkets and pearl strings;

And a couple of them were moving around with colourful stickers!


A little girl had beautiful clips on offer;

A young boy was luring folks with a bunch of cheap but stylish shades;

They all were running around to add something to their coffers;

But alas! No luck! They were, after all, novices in their trades!


Getting baked in the city’s sweltering heat

The partly-clad sellers continued their sales efforts;

Sweating and panting, they stubbornly stayed put on the street

With hopes of giving their families small comforts!


All the mall-hopping rich shoppers seemed to be running a race

Ignoring the pleas of the desperate ‘sales stalkers’

This was the scene in a busy marketplace;

My ears were ringing with the sounds of the hawkers!


Unable to just be a meek spectator of their disappointment

I bought a few stuff from these toiling souls

Futile though, they were to me, I had a feeling of contentment

Elated, I was, to give them respite from the heat and rest to their hurting soles!


The relief and smiles on their faces conveyed it all;

Jumping and hopping they headed for their humble abodes;

Feeling happy that their loved ones can have dinner after all;

Wholeheartedly showering their blessings on me in tons and loads!

Blind Sided…

Thought blurbs to awaken our collective compassion


Thrilled was the little Barbie doll

To go with her mom to the shopping mall;

She pulled out her best cotton frock

After thoroughly going through her humble stock!
She put on her best slippers

Gaily she swam out of her house using them as flippers;

Proudly sporting a pigtail held in place with a colourful band

She walked on the road holding her mom’s hand!


A broad grin was plastered on her face

Reflecting her immense excitement about the place;

As they neared their destination, her elation knew no bounds

And was overjoyed on hearing the vibrant sounds!


Once they reached, her mom punched in at the gate

And rushed towards her changing room as she was slightly late;

She quickly donned her housekeeping outfit

Then opened a locker and armed herself with her kit!


Her princess eyed her mom with a lot of fascination

And watched her place the items on her work station;

Once she got busy cleaning the shops

The little angel pranced around in leaps and hops!


As the shutters were opened one by one

She realised her day would be filled with fun;

She felt as though she was in a fairyland

And enjoyed the sights of the fantastic wonderland!

Blind Sided…

Thought blurbs to awaken our collective compassion

The Drunken Brawl

Inside the shack, were huddled together

Three little kids and a loving mother;

While the kiddos slept, wide awake was she

Anxiously waiting for her labourer hubby!


Extremely cold was the winter night

Illuminating the slum was a lone street light;

Suddenly she heard noises from the adjoining tea stall

She peeped out and saw her man in an ugly drunken brawl!


With fear writ on her face, out she scurried

Swallowing her tears, unhesitatingly, she hurried;

Pushing everyone away, she set him free

Then supporting him on her shoulders she walked him to a tree!


She wiped his face and covered him with a worn shawl

At that moment she heard her youngest tot’s loud bawl;

Scared to the core, she rushed inside

Lifted the baby and swiftly ran outside!


With affection in her heart, she helped her husband

To walk into their ‘castle’, as the light went out leaving the area darkened;

Ignoring her pangs of hunger, she fed him all the food

As he devoured everything, near him she happily stood!


Once he started snoring, she cooled her stomach by drinking water

Then lay down beside her darlings without letting her hopes falter;

Feeling contented she entered a world of dreams

In her reverie they all were in a hilly mansion surrounded by gurgling streams!

Blind Sided…

Thought blurbs to awaken our collective compassion…

The Rich Heart

Outside the temple was this man

Who got down from his Volkswagen!


He was clad in his expensive Stuart Hughes suit

On his feet were Armani boots!


Sporting stylish Ray Bans

And a Seiko Premier on his hands;


Speaking to his blackberry

He was a walking brand factory!


He went across to the simple girl selling flowers

Who smilingly looked at him with eyes shining like stars;


She was wearing her sister’s old skirt

And a mismatched chequered shirt!


He quickly asked for the rate

And he was in a hurry as he was getting late!


As she blurted it out, he looked at her with contempt

“Exorbitant!” he said and unflinchingly asked for a discount!


Happy to do her first sale for the day

The little girl gave a bunch of flowers away!


After making the payment, when he started to leave

She tossed in two extra roses thus giving his arrogance a reprieve!


And where he showed poverty in mind

she displayed richness in kind!

Blind Sided….

Thought blurbs to awaken our collective compassion…

This Vs That

Warring nations

And pretty carnations;

For the frail girl mean nothing

As fulfilling her basic needs is more than anything!


Attractive sale discounts

And news about viscounts;

For the old woman mean nothing

As fulfilling her basic needs is more than anything!


Supercool bikes

And a thousand Facebook likes;

For the sweet teen mean nothing

As fulfilling her basic needs is more than anything!


Trendy party dresses

And Rapunzel-like tresses;

For the pretty lass mean nothing

As fulfilling her basic needs is more than anything!


Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes Benz

And long drives with his rocking friends;

For the young lad mean nothing

As fulfilling his basic needs is more than anything!


Diwali, X’mas, Pongal

Or any fun filled kids’ carnival;

For the little angels mean nothing

As fulfilling their basic needs is more than anything!


Shower them with love, respect, recognition

Combined with a generous dose of compassion;

This would work miracles for them

And give them more joy than any precious gem!


Blind Sided…

Thought blurbs to awaken our collective compassion..

Home Sweet Home

On the roadsides were small one room tenements

Which were nothing but colourful polythene tents;

Inside one of them was an old woman

And an aged frail man wearing a turban!


Apart from them were four teenaged children

Of course, the entire place was pest ridden;

Giving them company were a dog, cat and two hens

And the place was filled with chulha smoke so dense!


The mud floor was slushy due to heavy rains

But all were smiling despite all the pains;

A single bulb hanging from the roof was their only source of light

But, happy, they seemed to be in spite of their plight!


As I choked in my own tears

I wondered about their hopes and fears;

Unable to keep my emotions under control

I scampered out of their den in a roll!


Amazed, I was, as I heard their hearty laughter

Outside were some kids sailing paper boats in a puddle of water;

I started my car with silent prayers for them

But had to halt as, on the road, was a traffic bedlam!!