Blind Sided…

Thought blurbs to awaken our collective compassion..

The Pathos of Poverty

The people who revel in prosperity

Hoard up in plenty for posterity;

While those who rot in poverty

Can barely afford their basic necessity!


Misery and grief are their permanent property

In this world, they lack an identity;

Their women and children are personification of fragility

For their well-being, no one takes responsibility!


Among them they have high rates of mortality

Their entire lives they are doomed to spend in adversity;

Their social status is that of inferiority

Fighting forever, are they, for their rights and equality!


Unhealthy people among them are a majority

Their living conditions showcase inhumanity;

Food and shelter for them are a priority

To get them, many don’t adhere to legality!


To come up in life, they are deprived of opportunity

For their future there is no security;

In their minds there is no tranquillity

Alas! Without help, they’ll be doomed for eternity!


There’s a need to rid ourselves of passivity

And get the Samaritans to prove their generosity

And work together with sincerity

To give the poor a chance to experience felicity!



Blinded Sided

Bread Not Words!

As the junction lights turned red,

All the zooming vehicles screeched and halted;

Inside the raised windows of their AC hummers,

Were the rich folk chilling despite the hot summer!


Peeping through the window glasses

Were poor little ‘lads and lasses’;

In their hand were pens and roses,

And they also carried packets full of posies!


Pleading were they to the rich to spare a penny

To buy something and give joy to many;

A few responded with ire and sarcasm,

But none showed any enthusiasm!


The scene playing out there was just pathetic,

As to poverty everyone seemed to be apathetic;

Sad, it was to see the bare feet children

Sweating out on the streets that were like a boiling cauldron!


None of the blue bloods displayed any compassion or empathy

While there were some who just offered words of sympathy;

Alas! These kids needed not words but bread,

To stay alive and not drop dead!


As the lights changed to green

The impatient folks honked and uttered words that were mean;

The kiddos lost all their hope

And trotted back home down the slope!


Thought blurbs to awaken our collective compassion…

He was Different!

Here he was

In the best school in the city;

But it was here, alas!

He had no respectable identity!


He felt he didn’t belong there

He was an odd duck;

Every moment to him was a nightmare,

He just kept cursing his luck!


He was the only one who was poor

Among all the stinking rich;

He was a horse of a different colour

While others kids of dads who drank Glenfidditch!


He was clad in rags and worn out shoes

His school bag was old and dirty;

His hand-me-down shirt was a tad too loose

He was the absolute personification of poverty!


RTE was his entry ticket to the school

Where happiness never was his best friend;

He was always an object of ridicule

Desperate for his misery to come to an end!


To him life was just not fair

But he didn’t have a choice;

To flee from here, he would never dare’

Hence accepted his fate without raising his voice!!




Thought blurbs to awaken our collective compassion…

The Hellhole
Hills of trash and stagnant waters
Adorned all sides of the living quarters;
Living in them were the most skilled cobblers,
Domestic helps and talented tailors!
Without them, life for the wealthy would be woeful
But for those in poverty, everything in life is awful;
Stench and pests were a permanent feature
And the people always became victims of the furies of nature!
For them even water and food were items of luxury
For, so deeply were they entrenched in penury;
The shacks were made too close to each other
And it wasn’t comfortable in extremely hot weather!
Boys in their teens were smoking weed
This horrendous sight would make anyone’s heart bleed;
Men were forever in a drunken stupor
Never once were they found to be sober!
Abusing women was an existing norm
Never did there prevail any peace and calm;
Health and hygiene were a far cry
And happiness was never their best ally!
Fist fights and brawls were a daily drama
Difficult, it was, to live amidst this hungama;
This slum was definitely worse than hell
But these poor folks have no alternate place to dwell!

Blind sided…

Thought blurbs for awakening our collective compassion…

Poverty Is Not………………….!!

Poverty is not an unpardonable sin;

And it’s not the rich who always win!


Poverty is not a gruesome crime;

Treat not the poor like society’s grime!


Poverty is not an incurable illness;

Shun them not but embrace them with kindness!


Poverty is not an act of the devil;

There are other dastardly acts that are much more evil!


Poverty is not satanic terrorism

Torture not the poor by subjecting them to exorcism!


Poverty is not an irreversible curse

It’s just the result of fate being adverse!


Poverty is not the work of dark witchcraft

It is also not something to be shooed away as daft!


Poverty is not a malignant tumour

But removing it is hardwork and not a matter of humour!


Let’s take a stance to eradicate poverty

By our frequent deeds of generosity!


Let’s give the needy the love and care

And pull them out of this vicious snare!


Let’s join hands to create one Utopia

And give everyone a fair chance to experience euphoria!


Thought Blurbs to awaken our collective compassion

A Smile for Her Mom

Out came the girl wearing a not so white shirt

And a loosely hanging old khaki skirt;

With hawai chappals and unkempt hair

Of her shabby looks she was unaware!


She was carrying a torn school bag

About its contents there was nothing much to brag;

Inside it were used hand-me-down text books and broken pencils

Anything new was a far cry as her mother’s job was to wash utensils!


With expectation in her heart she started walking towards her school

And hurried to reach as per her schedule;

With a glow on her face she entered

And stopped for a while as her eyes wandered!


She sulked as she saw a small building with a tiled roof

With nothing around, it stood aloof;

‘Corporation School’ was written on a board above the gate

The so-called classrooms were in a pathetic state!


As she sat on a unstable bench

She felt nauseated by the whiff of toilet stench;

With a heavy heart and her eyes in a spate

She felt cheated and cursed her fate!


With all her colourful dreams shattered

Her hopes too faltered;

But in the evening when her mom received her with eagerness on her face

She forgot her grief, held back her tears and smiled at her with grace!

Blind Sided…

Thought blurbs to awaken our collective compassion…

It’s Her Garden of Eden!

As the first brick was laid

The pretty girl’s happiness reached the highest grade;

She will now have a roof over her head

Though her home will only be the size of a shed!


Sleeping on the footpath will be a thing of the past

Living amidst reeking trash would have seen its last;

Farewell to pests, strays and flies

Goodbye to ‘human poachers’ having lust in their eyes!


No more troubles from dust and dirt

No more fear of the once dreaded pervert;

Safety and health will be her guardians

Joy and cheer will become her lifetime companions!


She will now have fresh food and drink fairly clean water

Never again in the winters will her teeth chatter;

Summers will no longer burn her like hell

And never in misery will she have to dwell!


Gratitude is writ large on her face

As she would be getting a decent living place;

She is really thankful for the warmth of her haven

And, that, forever will be her Garden of Eden!!